April 2014

May 2014 | Issue no. 2 | by mark shaiken

Welcome to do :: or :: diso, a monthly sports photography ezine. do :: or :: diso will address issues particular to sports photography in a format that is to the point and easy to understand.

The first several issues of do :: or :: diso are dedicated to techniques, both post processing and in camera, that help draw the viewer’s eye to the subject matter of the image. In Issue no. 1, we addressed adding light back in post-production. The eye is drawn to the lightest part of the image and if the image fails to reflect sufficient light on the subject, we can add light back to the subject matter in post processing to draw the eye so the image looks more like what you witnessed at the event.

This Issue No. 2 addresses how we compose the sports shot in camera to isolate subject of the image.

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