May 2014

June 2014 | Issue no. 3 | by mark shaiken

Welcome to do :: or :: diso, a monthly sports photography ezine. do :: or :: diso will address issues particular to sports photography in a format that is to the point and easy to understand.

This Issue No. 3 of do :: or :: diso finishes the ezine’s inaugural trilogy of articles and shows you two ways to draw attention to the subject of the image. This month — how to control the background exposure with Speedlights (Nikon) / Speedlites (Canon), and in Lightroom.

Speedlight Tutorial Disclaimer – focus on the Creative

In the speedlight section we focus on concepts, not the technical. As Tom Bol writes in Adventure Sports Photography, “Don’t let the technical inhibit the creative. Learning flash technique can be intimidating at first. Instead of relying on the sun, you’re now creating your own light and controlling all aspects of it.”

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