June 2014

July 2014 | Issue no. 4 | by mark shaiken

Welcome to do :: or :: diso, a monthly sports photography ezine. do :: or :: diso will address issues particular to sports photography in a format that is to the point and easy to understand. This month, the only technical information is this: the shots are taken with either a 70-200mm lens, a 24-70mm lens, or a 500mm lens each at a wide open aperture often at a high ISO to permit the fastest speed the conditions will allow. The images in this article utilize post processing techniques discussed in prior issues. The rest of this article’s focus is observation and power of suggestion.

Baseball and Me

I am not sure why baseball holds such an attraction for Americans. The game is a modern anomaly, presenting a slow-paced game in an age of instant everything. Perhaps it is popular because it gives us the chance to wait for that moment in the game when suddenly, something remarkable, maybe something impossible, happens on the field; perhaps we love the game because of the infinite subtle variations it presents from game to game and moment to moment. Both could be the answer, but many feel its popularity is the connection to a slower era when, as kids, we celebrated moments with our dads, and then decades later as adults, we remember those moments with uncanny precision.

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