April 2015

May 2015 | Issue no. 14 | by mark shaiken

This month do :: or :: diso turns its attention to a single piece of software: Photo Mechanic.  Simply, Photo Mechanic is LIGHTENING FAST. With it, you can move photos from your CF / SD / XQD card to your hard drive and then review the photos as fast as you can hit the “Z” and the “T” keys on your keyboard. All of this speed enables you to determine which shots are your best.  Then, you can import those best shots into Lightroom, do some quick edits, and the best images are ready in a flash for the web. This article is intended to give you a straightforward introduction to the PM magic. For this discussion, all images are shot, ingested, reviewed, straightened, and brought into Lightroom, in Raw. It is best to print out this article and then follow along step by step with both your PM trial version and LR opened.

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